93 Degrees

The Ninety Three Degrees team have spent many years implementing leading edge and innovative solutions in blue-chip companies in South Africa and abroad. These solutions were, without exception, critical to the successful running of these businesses and ensured that our clients remained competitive whilst improving bottom line profits. Most Blue-Chip companies end up spending inordinate amounts of money on solutions hoping to remain competitive in the market and then battle to find the returns on their investment. The returns are often there, they just take too long to realize. Many organizations are also driven to introduce solutions to fulfil legislative requirements. With this environment in mind we at Ninety Three Degrees endeavour to improve your business by providing you with affordable enterprise business solutions.

Why 93 Degrees

Companies of all sizes in various markets can benefit from our carefully planned solutions. We are here to guide you through a process of business transformation to help you achieve your goals. Our consultants have extensive experience in Enterprise Architecture, Business Process Management, Enterprise Content Management and Integration, and have been involved in full lifecycle implementation of many Business Process Reengineering, improvement and automation projects. We have a simple big-picture approach to solutions, considering people, process and technology in support of business strategy.

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Whilst these sought after solutions are typically fraught with risk, our proven track record will provide you with peace of mind as we complete the transformation process together. Though our trusted solutions usually become seamlessly integrated into business operations we are gladly willing to assist our clients in supporting and maintaining their business systems should this be required.